Needlework Projects

I've been doing cross-stitch since 1994.  I'll go for months without touching a project and then work almost full-time for weeks on it.  Most of my projects have a structure of some kind in them, usually a house.  Here are some of my completed projects.

Old Barn
 My first project.
Summer 1994

Winter Wonderland
Spring 1995

For my mother-in-law,
Wakae Nuibe,
on her 80th birthday.
November 1995

Old Mill
Summer 1996

Irish Blessing
Summer 1997

Irish Cottage
This one has some tricky knots!
Fall 1997

Spirit of Spring
Won 2nd place at Ventura Co. Fair
Summer 2001

Framed Cottage
Done while working in Dallas
Fall 2002

Old Teddies
For our grandson, Jake
October 2003

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