Multimedia Projects

When our grandson Jake was born in 2003, it gave me a good excuse to try my hand at movie-making.  Each month I gather the pictures and videos that we have taken of Jake during the past month and assemble a short movie, complete with captions and background music.  When I have enough months to fill a DVD, I burn several to distribute to family members in different parts of the country.

I use a Canon PowerShot SD200 digital camera that takes both stills and videos with sound.  It is a great camera -- easy to use and easy to carry.  Once the files are on my computer, I use Adobe Photoshop to edit the photos.  Then I import one day's jpg and avi files into Microsoft Movie Maker, clip the videos to edit out the parts I don't need, and then assemble them on the Movie Maker timeline.  I add captions and transitions, and save the project before I begin with the next day.  I have had problems with Movie Maker freezing and have found that the "one day at a time" approach is the safest.

Once the full month's video is complete, I begin the hardest part of the project -- finding the right music and adjusting the volume between background music and video sound.  I use Audacity to edit music files to fit the movie, sometimes cutting out whole verses to get the lyrics I want, or adding an extra chorus to get the length I need.  In some cases, I use a very short audio clip (like "bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do...") that fits the action.  Sometimes, I have to play around with the timing to get the music and action  synchronized, as in this dance sequence (listen to the music when Jake falls at the end of this clip).

These two short clips are fragments of the work I've done, saved at a fairly low resolution.  The first is about .5Mb and the second about .9Mb.  If they are "jerky" when you play them, try downloading them to your computer instead.  We don't have streaming video on this site.

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