Lynne's Genealogy

Lynne's family emigrated from Ireland, Scotland, and England in the 1700s and 1800s, settling in Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.  Surnames include Rodgers, McEvoy, Thompson, Urmson, Morrison, White, and Sheakley, among others.  The information on Lynne's family is fairly complete for the U.S., but data from the U.K. is still quite sketchy.

Our complete family tree is posted on RootsWeb and includes both Lynne and Gary's families plus some information on our daughter-in-law's family (Michele Lindemier Nuibe).  Access to RootsWeb is free and we update the RootsWeb database frequently. Rather than duplicating all that data in these pages, what you will find here is in-depth information on our direct ancestors, many old photographs, and some family stories.  Use the menu selections above to explore!

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