Gary's Genealogy

Gary's family emigrated from Japan in the late 1800s, settling in Hawaii and then spreading to California and several other mainland states.  Surnames include Nuibe, Morimoto, Toyofuku, and Ohta.  The information on Gary's family is not as complete as Lynne's, but we have been fortunate to acquire excellent documentation from Japan on the Nuibe family going back to the mid-1800s.

This is the kanji for Nuibe.  The translation is "sewing guild."   The Nuibe family name originated around the 5th century when artisans were imported from the kingdom of Paekche on the Korean peninsula by the Yamato court.  Each group was given the right to have an inherited name; until then, only royalty had this right.  The names indicated the family specialty and all ended in "be" or "bu" -- meaning clan or guild.  Each clan was also given responsibility for governing a village.

The first Nuibes were kimono makers and were responsible for the village of Saka-cho in  Hiroshima-ken.

This is the Nuibe kamon (family crest).  The picture is from a family gravesite in Saka-cho.  We do not know if this is the crest for all Nuibes (probably not), or just for the line from which Gary is descended.

We have prepared a PDF that contains the Nuibe family history and pictures.  

The source of much of the information on Gary's family is the koseki-touhan (official family register) that we were able to obtain from the village of Saka-cho in Japan, with the kind help of Dr. Yoshinori Nuibe of Hiroshima City.  Dr. Nuibe is not a direct relation to us, but his father knew Gary's family when he was a child.

A cousin, Iwao Kaneyuki, drew a family chart for us, including the kanji for many of the family members, and has graciously shared many family pictures with us.

However, most of the old Nuibe photographs came from Walter Toshio Nuibe's family, for which we are very grateful.

We have not yet gathered family history on the Toyofuku and Ohta families (Gary's mother's line).

Our complete family tree is posted on RootsWeb and includes both Lynne and Gary's families plus some information on our daughter-in-law's family (Michele Lindemier Nuibe).  Access to RootsWeb is free and we update the RootsWeb database frequently. Rather than duplicating all that data in these pages, what you will find here is in-depth information on our direct ancestors, many old photographs, and some family stories.  Use the menu selections above to explore!

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