Our Dogs

All three dogs in their very favorite spot -- their own couch in our bedroom! Marcie at age 3 months -- wasn't she a cute puppy?
July 1991.
Marcie at age 3 months -- she had such big ears!
July 1991.
Marcie sleeping.  This is her biggest talent. She gets into the most interesting positions... Greg and Michele with Snickers and Marcie.  Greg was Santa at PetsMart for a dog rescue organization.
December 2000.
Slinky on her first day with us. This picture doesn't show how long her legs are in relationship to her body. She only weighed 15 lbs.
November 2001
Slinky after she was with us for a few months.
February 2002
All three dogs in Lynne's office, helping her work.
May 2002
At the dog park.
June 2002
Greg with his dogs Zoe and Kuma, Gary with Snickers, and Marcie following her nose.
July 2002
Snickers on the beach.
July 2002
Snickers and Gary napping in the hotel room after a long day on the beach.
July 2002
Slinky with Greg
and his dog Kuma.
October 2002
Marcie and Slinky with Jake.
November 2005
Greg & Michele's dog, Kuma.
05/03/1999 - 06/27/2006
She was an incredibly
sweet, loving dog.
Marcie on her last day.
February 9, 2007
Marcie, we miss you!
04/05/1991 - 02/09/2007

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