Suspension, Brakes, & Rearend


When I bought the car the suspension was stock with the exception of cut springs.  As you can see from the pictures on the main page, the springs were cut quite a bit.  The rear suspension sat on the bump stops and the ride was terrible.  The front end was really loose due to worn out bushings.  The car had 4 wheel drum brakes which is totally inadequate for a car this heavy, especially with the new motor.  In addition, the car had a 2.73 open 10-bolt, which was wasting the new engine's power.

Here's the plan to get the suspension, brakes, and rearend up to par:

This plan would be implemented in three stages so that there will not be any long periods of down time.  First, the rear suspension will receive all upgrades (springs, shocks and control arms), then the front will get the bushings, springs, shocks, and brakes all at once.  Last, the rearend will be built and swapped into place.  I'll be postings pics and comments as I go.


Old rear control arms vs. New rear control arms

uca1.jpg (131882 bytes)                lca2.jpg (125926 bytes)


Rear suspension with the new springs, shocks, and control arms

rearsusp1.jpg (35030 bytes)                rearsusp2.jpg (30535 bytes)


Front suspension with new springs, shocks, and bushings

frontsusp1.jpg (32152 bytes)


Front Brakes with 12" slotted rotors and aluminum calipers on original drum spindles

frontbrakes1.jpg (26522 bytes)                frontbrakes2.jpg (28864 bytes)


Here's the 12-bolt housing after cleaning and ready for the parts

rear1a.jpg (35450 bytes)                rear2a.jpg (31594 bytes)                rear3a.jpg (24218 bytes)




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