Project El Camino


Best E.T. to date: 11.39 @ 117 MPH





Always check your lug nuts or this could be you (click here)

I purchased my '68 El Camino in October of 1999.   I chose this car because of its similarity to the Chevelle plus the extra utility of having a bed.  I had pretty clear goals when I started the project:

The car I purchased had some problems.  It was lowered improperly (cut springs).  The interior was wasted and the engine had a bad rod knock.  However, the body was relatively straight and had little rust.  In addition, the TH350 tranny was newly rebuilt.  Here's what it looked like, click on thumbnail for larger image:

elco1.jpg (16602 bytes)                Elco2.jpg (45661 bytes)                Elco3.jpg (52203 bytes)                Elco4.jpg (40084 bytes)


New pictures with the new rims and tires installed.  In these pictures the new suspension has already been installed.

newelco1.jpg (59554 bytes)                newelco3.jpg (32521 bytes)                newelco2.jpg (46950 bytes)


As the build-up of this car progresses, I will post new sections to this page.  Question and suggestions are always welcome, just use the email link below.


   U P D A T E S  

Project El Camino gets a new small-block stroker (click here)

Project El Camino gets new suspension, brakes, and rearend (click here)

Videos from my trip to the drag strip on 9/1/2000 (click here)

New valvetrain for the stoker, details in engine page (click here)

New engine pics taken on 11/2/2000 (click here)

Videos from my trip to the drag strip on 11/4/2000 (click here)

Changed head gaskets on stroker to increase compression (click here)

Project El Camino dyno's at 375 rear wheel horsepower (click here)

Video of Project El Camino on the dyno (click here)

Added a Rollbar & Interior page (click here)

Added a small page dealing with the car's exterior (click here)



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