Rollbar and Interior


I recently had a 6-point rollbar installed.  It was constructed from 4130 chromemoly tubing and TIG welded.  The fabrication and install was done by Reb's Specialties in Reseda, CA.  The interior had to be removed, so I took the opportunity to make some other changes.  I removed the factory bench seat and installed a poly racing seat.  A matching passenger seat will be installed later.  I fabricated the seat mounts myself, after the cheap sheetmetal ones supplied by Summit Racing bent.  I replaced the shifter with a B&M Pro Ratchet.  To mount the shifter on a very solid base, I made a mounting pad out of 1/2" 6061-T6 aluminum.  The shifter feels very solid mounted to this and it looks pretty cool, too.  I installed new carpet, a new steering wheel, and three Autometer gauges in a custom aluminum panel.  This interior "cleanup" was long overdue.  I also had to fabricate a lexan rear window due to the rollbar.  Check out these pics for all the details.


overview.jpg (78722 bytes)                rearbar1.jpg (73145 bytes)                rearbar2.jpg (74183 bytes)                rearbar3.jpg (67430 bytes)



interior1.jpg (66185 bytes)                interior2.jpg (78058 bytes)                interior3.jpg (76901 bytes)                shifter.jpg (56105 bytes)



dash1.jpg (60041 bytes)                dash2.jpg (56729 bytes)



I made an inexpensive camcorder mount that hangs from the main hoop of the rollbar.  I used some 2" U-bolts, covered in clear tubing so they wouldn't scratch the rollbar.   I attached a 4" x 6" x 1/2" piece of aluminum stock (leftover from the shifter mount) to the U-bolts using 3-1/2" bolts and coupler nuts.  The camcorder is held in place with a threaded knob.  The mount seems very solid and sits high enough to get a good perspective.


mount1.jpg (56727 bytes)                mount2.jpg (57568 bytes)                mount3.jpg (66480 bytes)                mount4.jpg (60840 bytes)




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