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Spoiled ROTTen


Kuma is a Rottweiler pup, born on 5/23/99.  She is a handful and keeps my wife and me busy 24 hours a day.  Her name is the Japanese word for bear, which suits her well.  We got her when she was just 6 weeks old.  She’s grown a lot since then, but she’s still our little baby.  I’ll update this page and the pictures as she grows… (click thumbnail for larger image)




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kumarock1b.jpg (33919 bytes)                KumaSign.jpg (34229 bytes)                KumaWithBall1.jpg (45882 bytes)                KumaWithBall2.jpg (39644 bytes)                062600withball1a.jpg (61855 bytes)



062600withball2a.jpg (59994 bytes)                062600withball4a.jpg (53253 bytes)





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